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Excuses you may need!

  1. I can't see at night under lights because of a vitamin imbalance in my diet.
  2. I didn't play well because I get headaches every time it's sunny!
  3. I didn't play well against you today because my game is more precise than yours.
  4. I lost my focus and didn't play well because the women on the next court was exposing her breasts to her husband while they were playing.
  5. I can't concentrate because I had a double espresso before playing you.
  6. I can't play because my ears are ringing.
  7. I can't play well because the ball is not bouncing the way it's supposed to.
  8. I can't play well because my pro missed my lesson this week.
  9. I didn't play well because I did not have my orthodics on.
  10. I can't play against anyone who hits soft balls.
  11. I just can't get into a rhythm against you.
  12. My strings are (were) too tight/loose.
  13. The net is (was) too high/low.
  14. I didn't play well because my mom/dad/husband/wife/pro was watching and I was nervous.
  15. My opponent failed to clear the loose balls on their side of the court and it distracted me.
  16. My pro is changing my game and I'm not playing as well.
  17. I can't get used to the high/low altitude.
  18. I lost the ball in the lights.
  19. I haven't played in the wind in a long time and so I didn't play well.
  20. I just can't swing today.
  21. I forgot about my match time because I'm going through menopause.
  22. I can't see the ball well indoors.
  23. I can't hit a topspin lob since I moved here.
  24. I didn't play well because the verifier was watching.
  25. The balls are dead/too bouncy.
  26. I typed too much today and my hand is tired.
  27. My body won't play today.
  28. I just can't play well today because I'm sick, I don't have a spleen you know.
  29. I was late for my match because my cat threw up.
  30. I didn't play well because I didn't work out this morning.
  31. I can't play well because there aren't any quality opponents to practice with.